While we are cooking, we are using different substances to make our food more delicious. However, those substances can be harmful to us. In my article, I will tell you about a sweetener that we use every day and why it is harmful to humans.

Artificial sugar is a type of sugar that is classified in a sweeteners group. Sweeteners are sugar substitutes that are sweeter but containing less amount of energy than the same amount of sugar. The first sweetener is found in ancient medieval times and saccharin was the first artificial sweetener that is synthesized in 1879. These products were firstly used by the food industry due to low cost and by diabetic patients because of lower calories compared to sucrose. In course of time, they were also used for restriction of caloric intake, weight loss, and prevention of tooth decay. Today, we are using sweeteners in many parts of our lives.

A Brief and Bizarre History of Artificial Sweeteners | Saveur


On the other hand, they also have disadvantages. The first problem with artificial sugar is calorie replacement. According to doctors, artificial sweeteners could cause people to make up for the lost calories in other ways that may not be healthy. For example, someone drinking a diet coke might go for a piece of cake since there are no calories in the soda. The second problem is the change in taste. A small amount of artificial sweetener produces a sweeter taste than the same amount of real sugar.52% of the scientists believe and explains that the overstimulation of sugar receptors from frequent use of these hyper-intense sweeteners may limit tolerance for more complex tastes. In addition, frequent use of these sweeteners can possibly lead to sweet foods such as fruits and vegetables unappealing. Finally, artificial sugar can cause us to gain weight. A study conducted by the University of Texas suggests that artificial sweeteners could cause people to confuse sweetness with the amount of calories they consume. This may cause them to choose sweeter foods over healthier choices more often, which would lead to weight gain.

Trick or Treat? How Artificial Sweeteners Affect the Brain and Body · Frontiers for Young Minds

As the artificial sugars aren’t that much healthy,different countries are banned different types of artificial sweeteners.For example,in Usa food and drug administration banned the  cyclametes and aspartame.However,I believe that we shouldn’t ban them.İnstead of banning,we have to teach people how to consume artificial sugars and sweeteners.In my opinion,we should sell them in school cafeterias and markets.


In coclusion,we have to consume artificial sweeteners but we should keep in mind that they are also unhealty.If we consume them less,we will have a healty future…


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