Vector calligraphic 2021 text. Christmas and Happy New Year concept design with calligraphy brush text on white background. Hand drawn lettering.

Taking Back My Life

You gave a chance to that essay, believe me I’m not gonna disappoint you. The new year comes with new goals, new hopes, new achievements, new failures, new adventures and lots of new things to experience. Have you thought about the difference between your current state and your dream self lately? Have you asked yourself about what would your dream self do in the difficult situations that you have been faced with? I am looking forward to create my dream self and the life I would enjoy living in 2021.

Nowadays, I can’t say that I am in my best shape. I go to bed late, spend so much time on technological devices, eat unhealthy and I don’t work out. You can find these habits familiar. Be

cause we all have bad habits like these. However, I refuse to be that person who spends her time for those activities and never reminds herself the possible things to do that can count as productive activities.

Sleeping Schedule

Sleeping is an underrated activity for those who wants to be healthy. The fact that being healthy is not all about eating nutrients and working out frequently. Our bodies also need sleep and we should never underestimate the significance of getting enough sleep. I want to get up and go to bed early to have more time to myself. Due to having the sleep that I need I can be more productive and energetic during the day. I can enjoy the day and work hard for the future I want with the time I have.


When you first see the headline of this paragraph you can think that writing to a stupid notebook about the things that you wanna do or the moments that you want to remember is nothing but a waste of time. You are wrong! Journaling is a beneficial habit for those who are having difficulties with planning their schedule or managing their time properly. You can also create timetables, to-do lists, note down some self care tips.

We can say that the year 2021 is a blank page which is waiting to be filled with new habits, new lifestyle changes and happy memories. It is a chance for us to build the future we want. Don’t waste the potential in you and never underestimate yourself.




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