Tale of Cupid and Psyche AU

It’s like the temple has its own frosty weather. The walls are covered in gigantic crystals that have just formed, as I walk inside. Venus is on her throne, looking down on me in disgrace. Her stare weighs me down as I walk and kneel before her in the deep sorrow I have fallen into ever since I betrayed the very promise my love, Cupid, had asked me to keep

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“Your failure as a partner disgusts me, Psyche. You have not only given my precious Cupid a wound to be the symbol of mortification, you have also shattered his heart into pieces! Then you came for forgiveness, for a chance to win him back. I pitied you, Psyche. I pitied your existence just because my son loves you very much. You accepted the tasks which you ended up failing, and now you are here, pleading for another chance to stay alive? How dare you?!” Venus shouts towards me. I feel the words I was planning to say crumble in my throat, forcing me to gulp. I speak ever so slowly, softly so tears appearing near my eyes will not betray me.

“Goddess…Please forgive me as I am in your presence in such culpability for, I have betrayed my lover, your son. I have been manipulated and used by my sisters. I was blinded by the curiosity I was left in. I, the weak mortal being, failed to be worthy of a wife to your son but I do not wish to be killed for that would be a great grief to my family, who worship you as the most beautiful of them all.”

Venus had an interest in the ego boost she’d receive from mortals so when my words go through her, her expression softens as she leans back. “Fine.” The goddess of beauty speaks. “I shall let you live in only one condition; you will be banished from the rest of the world and live in the castle where you will be kept until the rest of your time in the world with your memories of my son erased from your memory.”

It’s been sixty weeks since that unfaithful event. I have been ghosting in the halls of this one hell of a prison in great solitude. As I walk, I come across a living room that had never caught my glance before. I linger before the door nervously, in between if I should enter or not. With a small amount of courage, I walk in only to be greeted by Cupid’s picture hung right in front of me. I remembered everything once I saw that painting hung in that living room.

painting of cupid ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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