3d human give a lecture behind a podium

Talking For The Future

Ever since I learned to speak as a baby, my biggest fear had been giving a speech in front of a crowd. Even though I always refused to think about it, deeply inside I had always known that at some point of my life, I would need to give that speech. And I was right. Eventually, that day came.

It was 24th of June 2021, a normal day for the rest of the humanity but not for me and my working partner who also has been my closest friend since the day we have met. That was the day we discovered how to use “Dark Matter” as a renewable source for humanity. Due to the energy waves which were produced by the machine we used with our experiments, NASA detected our location and came to talk with us.

They were truly amazed. A lot of scientist who had believed that this was not possible were shocked. They arranged a conferance for us to reveal the secrets of the dark matter and talk about the future which was coming with this significant discovery.

My friend was bursting with happiness. However, I was terrified because I knew that I would be giving a speech in front of a crowd. And the worst part was that all of the participants were an important and powerful person which meant that we had to choose our words carefully. Otherwise, the type of power which is enough to destroy even the whole universe in the hands of greedy and powerful people could lead to a universal war.

We analysed all of the possible outcomes of our speech and worked on it for weeks. In the final week, as things were going good, my friend got cancer and moved to a hospital. It was heartbreaking and so hard to accept but I had to move on.

It was the day. I was at the backstage, thinking what should I do nervously.l imagined myself from outside and saw a boy who is scared.

I took the podium to give my speech, accompanied by applause. I was just about to start talking when I saw him at the crowd. He was there. Waiting for me to start with a happy face. I couldn’t hold my tears. I felt like all of my fears suddenly dissappeared. And I started talking fort he future.

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