Technology Blending Into Fashion

Everything we use in our daily lives is slowly adapting to technology. For instance, watches. Even though analog watches are still being used, technological watches have taken their throne. The only thing you can do on an analog watch is to check the time. However, with a smartwatch, you can track your steps, see the number of calories you’ve burnt, track your sleeping quality, and much more. Analog watches surely have a different elegance and style to them but it seems that smartwatches are more beneficial.

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Could technological devices be orientated into the fashion industry?

Every year new trends are seen in the fashion industry. Fashion designers are always adapting trendy and innovative topics into their designs. Some of them are taking global warming as an inspiration while others take nature as one. Since our daily lives are blended into technology, I can see fashion designers taking inspiration from it in the future.

People are so keen on technology these days that if you showed them a technological toothpick they would probably go crazy over it. In the following years, fashion designers will likely target this audience by blending fashion and technology together. As a result, magazine headlines and critics will constantly talk about the pieces and increase the number of sales.

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How would this affect us?

Some devices such as phones, televisions use electromagnetic fields in the radiofrequency range.  The human body absorbs energy from devices that emit radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, if the devices used in the fashion industry benefit from the electromagnetic range, they would result in unfortunate events on our health such as cancer. Since there are no such clothing pieces among our closets now, there aren’t exact effects that we know of.

My opinions:

I would prefer if technology wasn’t adapted to our clothes. Nearly everything we use in our daily lives is technological, clothes should be left the way they are. Personally, I wouldn’t want a social media shirt or shoe.

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