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Elon Musk pulled out his 5 children from their former academy because they weren’t doing effects he allowed they should be doing. He enrolled them in his academy named Ad Astra meaning “ to the stars”, which is an educational institution grounded on 2 principles.

It doesn’t follow the Assembly Line Model of education, that everyone has to learn the same thing at the same time. According to him, childrenmight have varied interests like music, art, languages, mathematics,etc. which is true. Hence, he ensures that notice Astra caters its education to match childrenaptitude and capabilities rather of trying to producecarelessworkers.
Education needs to have a purpose. He believes in making the scholarsthe enjoy their education. It’s important to educate problem workingusing tools rather than just about the tools. Let’s say you’re trying to educate how an machine works, a more traditional approach would beto say we’re going to educate about wrenches.We can do it with the help of a screwdriver. That is what the screwdriver is for. This way the applicability of the tools becomes apparent, and the scholars realise the purpose of their education. They enjoy their knowledge.
So, what are the benefits of a academy which follows these 2 simpleprinciples? The benefits are
Scholars should choose to pay attention, rather than being forced to. He admitted in an interview to a Chinese TV journalist that his 5 childrenreally love going to academy. They suppose that the breaks are toolong, and they want to go to academy as soon as possible. Elon on the other hand abominated going to academy. That itself explains that he has changed training for the better to profit his children.
To change what you get, you need to change what you need. Traditional training isn’t broken. It’s achieving what it’s made for. It’s constantly producing biddable, original, cheap and frequently carelessworkers for the assiduity. The problem is that we do n’t need them presently since the artificial revolution has ended. The challenges that the future will present will be drastically different from the challengeswe’ve faced in the history. Creativity and experience, therefore, will come important determiners of success in the future. Keeping this in mind, he has created a academy that reflects the world we live in, not the world he grew up in.
I suppose it’ll be a success as his model of Project Based Learning will promote chopsthat are needed to be successful in the future.
Coming to his model of Project Based Learning, I suppose this will promote curiosity, serendipity, creativity, effective collaboration,non-cognitive chops like fortitude, and engagement in literacy. All these chops are veritably important for facing the challenges that the unbornpresents. The scholars of Announcement Astra will be ready for the challenges of the future because they weren’t presented with an optimised interpretation of a defective educational model. They were presented with a new, stimulating, and environmenteffective model of education.

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