First think about what’s technology school? What is the difference between normal and this school? Technology school is (except some computer software teaching universities) there’s no school like that. Maybe some courses but these courses have shorter time than school of course. Elon Musk says that he needs this school to create better generation. I think he’s correct. But some people like me maybe doesn’t have an interest about technology. So, I think they can just open some technology schools and students that have interest about technology can go to that school. I think it makes sense. Because I think one of the biggest problems in education systems is not giving a chance to other interests. And I think this can increase junior entrepreneur. For example, if you have interest about technology you should wait to go university. Or just go some courses and not everyone can go some courses, right? And I think they should open some music, visual art schools more often. And most of the student won’t go these schools because in future they won’t be important as doctors etc. It’s wrong, too. I think music or art is too important as well. In renaissance people developed themselves with mostly art. In short, technology schools should be opened and the number of schools in some other fields should be increased. And normal schools should stay. I think normal schools should change their some things too but it’s not about this topic so I won’t talk about it.

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