Tesla or Edison

               Difference between Edison and Tesla is; Edison was a entrepreneur but Tesla was a scientist. Tesla has so many discovierys like electricity but Edison has inventions like himograph. For me without Tesla, Edison could do nothing.

               So Tesla was the begining of the electrical machines. By Tesla electricity start enter to our life’s and Edison realise that by electricity we can invent new automatic machine without human force. So by Tesla and founding the electricity everyone’s life become more easier to live and doing jobs. By Tesla invention come absolutely fast. Edison start his invention after Tesla found Electricity. Than Edison start to make inventions by using electricity; Lamp, distribution of electricity.

               Edison and Tesla were arch-rivals each other. Because Tesla believes that Edison steal his scientific researches and take their patent and wrote his name in history in gold letters. So Tesla stayed in the background. For me Tesla is better than Edison because Tesla was already did that inventions but didn’t took their patent so it was like Edison invent it and Tesla did nothing about. But Tesla was the real inventor of that inventions because it started with Tesla’s invention of electricity. For me without Tesla invention of electricity will be get more longer so the invention of millennium age’s will be invented in the future.

               In my opinion Tesla is an big scientist and inventor. He he opened the doors of future technology. In addition by Tesla and electricity our lifes became more easier to live and better. So without Tesla most of things wouldn’t be happen.

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