Tesla vs Edison

   Edison is a standard rich scientist. I certainly believe that Tesla has stolen their projects and made them look like their own work or was asked to show them. As a person of the same era, I think that he is not considered as a potential danger because he does not intend or try to realize crazy projects such as Tesla, and because it reveals invetesla bought the patent rights. Tesla has given up on patenting.Edison guaranteed his inventions from the beginning, Tesla did not look for a guarantee from inventing.Tesla is an idealist who has made great strides in providing the world with free and wireless electricity, while Edison is a person who has tried to prevent Tesla in every way possible.If it wasn’t for Tesla, we’d still be illuminated by ridiculous DC incandescent lamps today. Without Edison, we wouldn’t be tied to the chains of cables today.

  In addition, Tesla is an unknown and incomprehensible person, and Edison is considered a scientist. I don’t think it’s the right decision. Tesla made inventions because he loved physics. Edison invented money because he loved success, or we think he did.

   Tesla did not calculate his money throughout his life, he did not think of adding profit to his profit. Therefore, the most terrible moment of his life is the collapse of the tower he built for the global wireless energy transmission line, which was started in Wardenclyff, which he could not finish due to money. Edison, on the other hand, added money to his money and left the General Electric company behind.

   If the necessary support had been given to Tesla, in the simplest terms, we would have been able to use our cars at a low cost without the need for oil. For example, the USA and the UK, which have already put into effect  the plan to take over the world’s largest car manufacturer, General Motors, and oil regions, both at that time and at the moment, and started to seize valuable regions one by one, for example. With the documents that Tesla left behind, it is said that the USA has signed many secret revolutions. The research on Tesla is so surprising that it astounds researchers. Many invention attempts have been made in the world, like the power dongle; It is thought to be tried to be done with some small information leaked from Tesla’s documents.

  Finally, although we, engineers and everyone who loves science fiction, watch the restriction and detention of Tesla with horror, I think that this is perhaps the most correct behavior for someone like Tesla who has almost no limit to his mind and what he can do. Although he would not have the heart to crush even an ant, I have no doubt that if he were given unlimited support, he could even destroy the world unintentionally, even if he had no such intention. Although there is a rumor that Tesla wants to provide free energy to the world and is blocked by those who want to make money from energy distribution, I think this is partly due to the knowledge that what it can do can have dangerous consequences. The sole purpose of Tesla was to produce useful things for the society but considering how much the radio waves emitted from a base station threaten our health today, it is understood how dangerous a station that will broadcast electricity to the whole world would be. Tesla was a scientist looking for the limitless, but I attribute it to insanity that he pretended not to care about the consequences of his searches.

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