Tesla vs Edison

Obviously, I’ll explain my opinion directly. Because I’m not one to defend Edison. In addition, Tesla has given its name to the magnetic current condensing unit. Edison does not have a unit named after him. Anyone who has read the lives of these two scientists knows that the result of this comparison is obvious from the very beginning. The result is obvious. My idea is that Edison is the inventor of his time, Tesla is far beyond his time; Edison has bought Tesla’s patent rights, Tesla has stopped getting patents. Tesla couldn’t turn his inventions into money, Edison did. Tesla benefited from his inventions not while he was alive, but after he died (as a memorable inventor), while Edison, as can be seen, benefited a lot with his inventions while he was alive, and now he has come to be called a thief or a bad person.


Edison is an inventor who is compatible with the light bulb, we remember him when we press the button and it lights up , it goes no further than that. Tesla’s ideas are such that they are the subject of science fiction films even today. It is absurd to even compare Edison and Tesla to each other, while Edison’s spending Tesla’s career for the sake of money has been a loss for humanity. Tesla has decently taken its place among the scientists we say ‘I wish its value could be understood better’…


There is an example that can decipher the difference between Tesla and Edison the most. Tesla was able to decimate 200 light bulbs by sending electricity 40 km away by air (without cables in between) with a 60-meter radio transmitter he built on a mountaintop in colorado springs, an air-core transformer with a diameter of 22.5 meters, and a huge coil with a diameter of 200 meters. Edison, on the other hand, couldn’t even light a light bulb 2 miles away with DEC current and a cable between them… I am sure that the confiscated, covered-up notes of Tesla are the only thing that bypasses the era of America’s combat technology. And unfortunately, thanks to the work of one of the greatest geniuses/inventors who spent without mercy in his time, now again gained without effort.


Tesla was constantly under arrest by the United States and was never supported, or even put in serious financial difficulties with various fake documents, making it unable to experiment. The reason for this is also simple, the United States has invested heavily in this man first, considering it a second Einstein case. But at that time, the United States knew that the way to become the leader of the world was through oil. In other words, he knows that the most strategic substance in the world will be oil for many years, and therefore, if electricity is too efficient, everyone will eliminate the strategic importance of oil by making electricity. So, in short, the biggest enemy of the United States, which plans to become a superpower, will be the efficient use of electricity . The United States, which did not want this, destroyed Tesla and increased its technology to the top with some information they received from Tesla. It is certainly true that many inventions, especially in the field of electronics and electricity, have been realized thanks to Tesla.

Finally, I am talking about a scientist who has gone through such difficult processes and has not disappeared. Nicola Tesla still continues to write hisname in history even today.

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