That Moment

I am in the hospital waiting for the head physician that will give permission for the equipments that I need to do the surgery. If I don’t do this surgery the 18 days old baby will die. The minutes are passing and the babies face is getting purple

Finally the head physician came but even if I didn’t explain the surgery and the equipment I need, he just said “I dont believe that you can do this surgery”. But who am I? At the university exam I did a degree and I was the first doctor in the history of my college that passed an exam that gives you a work opportunity to work as a doctor in U.S.A. I believe in myself because I studied about this patients in U.S.A.  with the expert doctors but why isn’t he giving permission for this surgery? why is he blocking this important surgery  that might even effect my career? I don’t want to quit, I can’t, I won’t. just because that the head doctor doesn’t wan’t me succeed I can’t be blind to a small babies death.

After years and years later I still remember the day that I decided to create my own system that nobody can block anyones surgery without any justification. I took the podium to give my speech, accompanied by applause. I was just about to start talking when I saw him in the crowd. I don’t want to believe my eyes. The doctor that didn’t give allowance for the surgery is there and will listen my speech that I would do after I get my Nobel Prize.

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