The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and Other Verses From the Red Book

I hope most of you are familiar with the name J.R.R. Tolkien.  If you have read his sequal which is The Lord of The Rings or at least if you have watched the movies you may have known him pretty well. That books are not only novels there are some piece of art. They have their own universe and he literally created a world for them. The imagination of his is remarkably amazing.

Since it needs too much words to talk about The Lord Of The Rings I will talk about another book of his, related to this sequal; The Adventures of Tom Bombadil. In the first part of the Lord of The Rings, while Frodo, Sam Merry and Pippin are trying to pass the Old Forest they got attacked by the Old Man Willow and by chance Tom Bombadil saves them. Tom bombadil is a guy who sings ridiculous songs and jumps around them with his old blue hat and yellow boots. In the Fellowship of the Ring, which is the first book of The Lord of The Rings, this Tom Bombadil does not show up that much, we see him , or if it is better to say “we read him”, for a little while then he run’st. So that Tolkien decided to write a whole book only conains Tom and his adventures.

                First of all the book is a poetry book, not a novel. Therefore the whole book is written in a poetic way and in a poem style, that means it has rhymes. This may give you a dilemma of to read or not to read this book, but I can guarantee you will love this book if you like reading literature or do not. It has its own taste and you can feel Tolkien’s touch while reading every single line. You will have as much fun as Tom Bombadil has, you will lose yourself but eventually you will find yourself jumping around.  At first you may think that this is a children’s book but after a while you will keep up the rhythm.

                The whole thing about the world of the Lord of the rings that he created called Middle-earth is a place just like Ireland. So while you are reading Tolkien’s books you always feel like you are in a random prairie of Dublin. This means this book offers you an experience of feeling this Irish spirit. If you want to fiddle away you may want to buy this book immediately. 

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