The Amount You Affect Us

As technology improves more factors of technology are showing up. And not so many of them are good for children. Because of that children may have unhealthy lifestyle these days. As a matter of fact when technology improves the activeness of humans decreases. And not being active affects people in a very bad way for long term. Their health is especially the most important topic that is being affected because of technology or internet. So do children have an unhealthier lifestyle than older generations? Does technology affect us? What are the other factors that affect children? Does it leave psychological damage? These are the questions that needs o be answered.

Some of the examples of factors can be given as the friendships we have, the school that we spend most of our times in, how people act when they are with us, whether they have nice personality or bad, the television shows we watch, our parents, how we look and so on. Everything can affect children in a bad way.

Firstly the most important factor is parents and family we have grown in. Because we are always together, we interact with each other, we have conversations a lot. They are with us when nobody helps us or when we feel alone. As a result parents who do not support their child when they are introducing themselves to new sports or anything they are new to may affect the child from getting good at it.

Parents should guide them. And most importantly they have to understand the times when their children need help, when their children are suffering in silence so that they can help them. Secondly, school, teachers and their friends affect them a lot. Not everybody is same, nor physically nor mentally. So teachers need to know how to adapt when they are with different students. For example, when i was going to the middle school there were some teachers that were not nice to some students. They may not have affected me but there has to be someone tahat hated a lesson just because of the teacher.

Thirdly there are a lot of people that care how others think about themselves and really make a big problem out of it. So i really think that unnecessary comments should not be given as long as the person is asking for interpretation.

Lastly films, television shows or series affect children because some of them might not be mentally ready for some films even if they are old enough. There are a lot of genres of movies so they should chose the one that does not affect them.


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