The Answer Hidden in You

Loneliness… The various emotions hidden in that one word can differ for each of us. It creates the peaceful and relaxing effect when you look at it from the right perspective. Unfortunately, most of us approach to the topic with prejudice and the negativeness the word gives. Not being surrounded with people we love, being an outsider, not getting other’s acceptance those kind of thoughts draw us to the conclusion that loneliness should be looked through with all its negativeness.

For those who enjoy solitude it is a red carpeted way towards their happiness. If you are one of those people who can find the joy in that deep solitude, assume that you are sipping coffee from your cup, just enjoying the crowdedness of your thoughts and letting yourself drown in them in order to get the mindfulness it gives. It is the perfect scenario, isn’t it? You alone with your thoughts, facing the truth of your true self. You have the time to yourself.

People who are thinking in that way are more likely to be confident about themselves, they are often not afraid of showing who they really are, they stand by their decisions and find the best in situations that can make others feel desperate. The power they hold is out of this world.

To others who are not a big fan of their alone time, loneliness is something to run away from. The society’s view matters to those type of people. They love being around groups but hate being left alone. This counts as a kind of defense mechanism for them, an escape from their destructive thoughts. Being involved is a significant aspect for them. Approval plays a big role in their life as well. Not creating alone time makes it easier for them to adjust their opinions according to others perspectives, agreeing with them in order to fit in. Not recognizing the significance of your own ideas, not being able to find who you really are can create a huge gap between you and your individuality.

Enjoying your solitude is something everyone should be able to do. Writing down all your thoughts, all your worries is the best thing you can do to improve yourself as an individual, you learn to enjoy your accompany. You learn loving who you are, when you hit that point in life you realize how special you are and how crucial you have been to yourself. You should learn to love yourself before expecting others to love you. Journaling is a therapy for your soul for that reason. Healing comes with reaching to your inner self, finding peace in the depth of your mind.

Loneliness for me comes with every single emotion. Because every emotion is first a little touch to your heart when you learn how to manage it and live with what it brings you, you have full control over every single part of your body including your soul. The answer is hidden in learning how to grow that little touch to your heart into an endless fuel which is there to feed your soul.

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