The Assassin

I nearly woke up. My head was still hurting. Suddenly I heard the footsteps which were coming from outside the door. Immediately I took what I got from the floor and hid behind the door. In my guess, they were two people. The first one opens the door slowly. I had to act quickly so I hit him with the vaso which I have taken before. At that time we saw each other and when she was pulling her gun I took cover behind the door. I started to count the fires 1-2-3 her gun was old fashion revolver it can take only 6 bullets I would wait for her to run out of bullets and then attack her but to do that first I had to convince her to fire her gun so I gave her quick look and she fires two more and for the last bullet, I saw a book and I threw her as soon as she fired the last bullet I jumped on her she defenced my first move but she had never thought that my weak hand and for that reason, she took a long nap like her friend. I liked the boy’s jacket so I took it. In his pockets, there was an address where the real important thing did not have to be the handwriting because I knew that writing style belonged to my superior.

I took my gun and I got a taxi to kill who ordered my death.

About half an hour ago I was on a special snipper mission. My mission was to kill a snipper man whose target was innocent people. My intel said that targets location so I picked a hotel where I can see him perfect. I booked a room and went 9th floor of the hotel when I start searching for the target with my scope I heard I fire. Luckily bullet hit my gun and my gun push me back and finally, I hit my head on a shelf and passed away.

Taxi stopped. I quickly chose a building that sees headquarters. I went roof and set up my APR308 snipper there was little wind to the northwest distance were 358 meters and I saw my superior. The government picked the wrong guy to tease. While he was leaving the building I saw his head on my scope and click.

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