The Beautiful Mountain

There used to be a mountain near the city of Elazığ. This mountain was enormous and covered entirely in wildlife. Its was so beautiful that people just stared at the mountain from their homes in their free times. People often went hiking there with their friends and families. But there was a rumor that an old giant was living in a shed in the mountain so no one ever dared to go above the big tree near the low points of the mountain.

Until a young lady, with a unknown name was hiking in the mountain. This young lady loved animals and plants. She would go take walks every day in the mountain. She would stay there for hours and hours. She would talk with the animals, lay down on the grass and look at the insects, she would even hug the trees and try to become one with them. While she was walking she was a small rabbit and wanted to pet it but the bunny got scared and ran away. She imideately started running after the rabbit. They ran for a few minutes when the rabbit passed the big tree. She was so caught up in the moment that she didn’t even realize that they had passed the tree. They kept going up and up until the rabbit took a left turn. The girl turned left from there when she saw a huge thing staring right at her. She was shocked and started screaming and ran away. She looked back in order to see if the thing was following her but to her surprise it was crying. She slowed down and felt bad for it. She decided that the thing was the giant that was rumored to live there The young lady slowly walked towards the giant and asked it what was wrong. The giant could not speak any words since it had lived there all its life so he tried to tell the girl what was wrong by throwing a tree up in the sky. The girl got scared but she trusted the giant. Unfortunately the tree fell right on the girl.

The giant realizing his mistake he was distraught. He was so sad that he destroyed the entire mountain in his anguish. The village was scared to see the mountain being wrecked so they hid until it was over. The village visited where the mountain used to be to see the giant’s corpse next to the little girls.

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