The Bee Movie Review

The Bee Movie by Jerry Seinfeld has to be the most delightful animation i have had the pleasure of watching.This movie is about a bee who rejects the traditional bee life and wants more.

   Barry Bee Benson is a fresh college graduate bee who doesnt fancy his only career choice:making honey.So he finds a way out to human world, becomes friends with human and learns some scary facts about human like :they exploit bees to sell honey.

Even though this movie seems like a children’s animation when watched carefully, criticism of peoples unnecessary cruel actions on animal and human exploitation of animals is not difficult to understand.After watching this movie i realized how much we overreact even when a be enters the car. And started considering the both sides of the medal.

The Bee Movie is an engaging animation for people from variety of ages from 7 to 70.It is a perfect fit for people who enjoy surrealism and want a break from stress-full daily life for one hour and thirty one minutes.Even animations are not your favorite i would recommend you tu watch it for the plot and beautifully expressed characters

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