The Best

Everybody wants to do their best. Sometimes we suppose that we are doing our best but according to another person, this is not our best. Who knows what is the best? Is it something that makes us satisfied or is it something that makes others satisfied? Am I just need to focus on my studies to be the best or studying with a plan is enough? Do I have time for my hobbies and interests or my only spare time is my sleeping time? Do I have enough time to sleep?

What makes us happy? Look at yourself. You are the only person that can understand you deeply and clearly. What makes you happy? Do you feel happy when you make others happy or your success is enough for your happiness? First, you need to answer these questions. According to me, you do not have to be the best, you do not have to make others happy. If your success is enough for you and if you are satisfied with that success, it is enough for me.

Another point of view is like that, if you are the best student in the class you do not have time for anything else. You are working all the time and you just have time for sleep. That is not a correct thought I guess. If you have the correct schedule you can find time for everything. For example, you want to watch a tv series, a film, a documentary or whatever, you can watch one or two episodes each day. The thing that people do not understand is this. Of course, you can not watch ten episodes in a day but that does not mean that you do not have time for watching what you want.

Math, physics, chemistry…  If you want to study art or something like this you do not have to know any of these. You do not have to understand all the lessons. Even teachers can not understand all these lessons. Because of that they have their own major.

You can be the best, at the same time you can watch whatever you want, you can sleep enough, you can deal with your life problems, you can spend time with your family and friends… all you need to do is to have the correct schedule. And I do not agree with the idea that supports being the best. Being the best is not important. Be your best self. If you are happy with your success that means you are the best. Being the best is something relative.


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