The Best River Journey

Hi Benny!

How are you? How it is going? As you know I am really happy because of the gift I received by a travel company named Explore. I just got home from the trip and I’m writing the details to you right now! 

   The place I chose was amazing! I remember that I hadn’t told you where I picked for this trip. As you already know I love doing watersports and being in water. So I chose the Dordogne River in France. In the first couple hours of the trip, I was feeling a little weird because I had never gone on a trip all by myself. But later that day I was feeling more like myself and to be honest I have never felt like this before. I unbraced myself in the beautiful shelter they gave me. The shelter was tiny and wholesome and it had a perfect river view too!

   Then the big day came. We were going to a river journey with my guide Mr. Basile. Mr. Basile is a handsome guy with a big body. He helped a lot through this journey. The journey on the river was amazing. I saw a lot of different sea creatures.I felt like I was in the Amazon River but with passion and love.

   When my trip days finished I wasn’t feeling upsetç Because I know that I used all of this trip. And I also missed all of my friends and especially you. By the way how is your holiday with your parents going? Are you having fun? Let me know! 


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