The Bet

Wanna bet? It can sound really childish and most of the times when I hear that I used to do not hesitate and accept but not anymore. I think everything twice.

We were friends with him since when we were born and we know each other really well, better than anyone actually. Both of us have a competitive soul so we both love bets. We usually had small bets when we were younger and the older we get the bigger and risky bets we made. In highschool we even had to be diciplined because of a small bet but we were teenagers and these kind of things happen especially if you are a boy. To be honest I still do not regret from that.

Now I am 30 years old. Approximately 9 year ago while we were studying for final exams in univercity these all happened. At that times we were separated because he had bad habits and he had a bad friend group. No

matter how hard I tried to pursue him not to be friends with them he did not listen to me. We even fought. I was distraught I felt like I have been stabbed from my back. So I gave a break to our friendship. He changed all of a sudden in front of my eyes and I could not stop him. If only I had been with him things could have been different. For a long time I blamed myself for not saying anything and turning a blind eye but I have already missed the boat. For him and our friendship I never gave up.

One night I asked him  to hang out with his friends. We went to a dark street and one of his friends said ‘I heard that you love bets so why don’t you go to the end of this street and talk with that guy? He will give you something and you will bring it to us, that simple. If you do that I will give you 50 dollars.’ I felt the danger there and looked at my bud. He seemed scared too and I wanted to talk with him privately.

I was so angry and disappointed to him but he still insisted on that his friends were good people. I whispered him that ‘I knew you are scared so please let’s leave here.’ He started yelling at me and told me that I had left him and now why I was trying to interfere his life. He continued ‘If you accept this bet I will come with you.’ He was obviously lying but I had no choice.

A man with a long black coat was waiting for me. He gave me the pocket and asked money worst part is I did not have my wallet with me. When he realised that I had no money with me he tried to stab me. I ran as fast as I could but my mistfortune I ran to wrong way. There was no exit it was a dead end probably in five minutes I would be dead too. Then I heard screamings, my bud was running towards to us and he attacked black coated guy. I yelled he had a knife but he did not listen after 10 seconds his scream echoed in the street. The guy had stabbed him then got scared and ran away. I wish I could have done something but it was too late. I immediately took him to hospital and he apologised me more than thousand times on our way.

Thanks God he was not badly injured and we had time to spent with each other after that accident but fate did not let him to have a long life. He left me with regrets of not having enough time with him.

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