The Big Trap

John was living with his father.His mother left them 6 years ago.His school was near his father’s office.He was 17 and he last saw her mother at 11 years old.



He woke up on a sunny Wednesday morning.He went to the car to wait his dad.He saw a note in the car.The note was saying:”I know where your mother is.”John was surprised.Two minutes later his dad came to the car.John let his dad know about the note.His dad laughed and said:”It should have been the neighbour’s naughty kid.Then they went to school.John got out of the car and said “see you” to his dad.Then his dad went to his office.They were just five minutes away from each other.John went to his class.At the end of the school John went to the garden to wait his dad.He put his hands to his pockets.He found a paper in his pocket.There was an address written on the paper.He was thinking what was it.Then he called his father and said:” I reached into my pocket and found a piece of paper.It had an address written on it.”His father said:It must have been mixed.”John was curious about the note in the morning and this note now.He was thinking that if they were related. Then,he got into a taxi and went to that address.After he went there, he called his dad to say where he was.When his dad picked up the phone he said:”What?Why did you go?You can not go to places that you do not know.Tell me address now.I had a lot of thing to do today so I was going to pick you up late but look what happened now.You went to a place even that you saw it’s name for the first time in your life.”John told the address to his dad.He saw a house there.Although, his dad said a lot of things to him he started walking to the house.



He went in the house but there was nobody in the house.After a few seconds he saw his dad’s car in front of the house.But his dad was not in the car.A voice was coming out of somewhere in the house.The voice was saying:”Your dad or your mom?”



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