The Chaser by John Collier

Alan Austen who is a young man deeply in love with a woman, who doesn’t feel the same about him, hears rumors that a certain mysterious old man living in Pell Street sells a different kind of magical potions. He hopes that a love potion bought from this old man can make this woman, Diana, fall in love with him so that he can marry her.


He goes to this shop and shows the card that he has been given to the old man. When the old man sees this card he recognizes Alan. But Alan doesn’t care and asks him if he can help him with this potion.

When they start talking about potions he shows a potion named glove-cleaner/ life cleaner that worth 5 thousand dollars which can kill people without leaving any proof. But Alan asks for the love potion and he says they have 1 dollar cost love potion. He says that the potion’s effects will be permanent and it will make Diana fall in love with Alan and care for him intensely that she will terrify even when he comes late and it will change her completely and love him overwhelmingly.

He buys the potion and before he left, the old man says that later on customers came back and buys more expensive stuff like life-cleaner. Although he never says it directly old man is trying to say that later Alan will come back and would be so done with Diana’s overwhelming love and would want to kill her.


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