The Cold Embracement

The evening sun was colouring the puffy clouds to a lurid red. As I open the window of my old car, a cold 
breeze fills my lungs and brings me to myself. I embrace the cruel truth that every single creature will come to an end, rotting, gradually. The frosty weather of winter makes the trees look so dead, the animals like they’r gone and not coming back and the endless fields like they’re forever abandoned. Slowly, I lose track of time diving into deeper thoughts til a familiar looking stranger wakes me up asking the directions.

The stranger seems neglected, his little face covered with messy looking beard along with his hair, nonetheless, he looks stunningly charismatic and attractive. His hair glowing red by the shining sun, scatters around as the rigorous wind blows. He is extremely tall which obliges him to lean pretty close to me makes me feel a shiver down my spine. In the middle of nowhere, a stranger asking for directions to  and me, driving to face the past were all alone. Thereafter, I take the risk of offering a possible killer a ride, who, surprisingly is going to the old mansion I’m leading.

The silence fallen down doesn’t even last for a minute. An interesting conversation gripping us tight won’t let go until the destination is reached. The clouds go pink like a candy floss in the sunset as the time passes, little snow crystals falling from the sky appear and the gloomy atmosphere I sensed before gives way to a magical atmosphere warming inside of me. As the time go by, a warmth takes up the car, as we develop a sincere conversation like intimates. He still hasn’t killed me, I think, however, he’s probably going to. We arrive the enormous mansion, the walls covered with vine, it’s even more creepy, reminding me of the dark past I had.

It’s nearly complete dark, except the light shining upon from the lonely moon. He acts faster than me, quickly ringing the door bell. For a while, it’s utterly silent, not even a rattle is heard. Then the door opens with a long creak. There he is, looking straight at me with his ice-cold eyes, the godfather and possibly the stranger next to me was him, Jacob.

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