Peace is the most important condition for people to live together .

When each individual feels safe and the community security exists peace will come.

Crime arises as a result of non-compliance with the laws and rules required to live in peace in society.

And if people who do not comply with the laws and rules are not punished, this situation can create a habit in people who commit crimes.

Many prisons have been opened in our country in recent years.

In my opinion, the increase in the number of prisons in a country is a clear indication that there is no longer an atmosphere of peace in that country.

For this reason, I think that crime should be prevented and reduced instead of increasing the number of prisons.

First of all, it should be ensured that people have a healthy, happy and positive childhood, and that they are free from violence and in a completely safe environment, especially during their growing up period and beyond.

Everyone has a responsibility in this regard.

Efforts are needed from families, politicians, lawyers, educators and academicians.

In addition to this , the moral development of the people living in the society should be considered and their awareness should be increased especially about the behaviors that push people to crime.

Also, detailed information should be given about the negative aspects of committing crimes in schools, workplaces, social media and television.

However, the punishment for a crime should be proportionate to the crime committed and should be dissuasive.

Unfortunately, punishments that are not deterrent cause crimes to be committed again and again.

I think that there is a need for a very serious law on violence against women and crimes against women, especially in our country. Because the news that women are killed continues to increase every day.

I believe that with this arrangement , the number of such crimes will decrease.

In summary, the only way to live peacefully in the society is to obey the rules.

The rules of law exist for the society.

If every individual in the society obeys the rules, no crime will be committed and there will be no need for punishment.

Where there is no punishment, there will be no need for prison.

Yağız Anteplioğlu


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