The Cure

The bright sun was shinning over my bed , telling me to wake up. I resisted to get up just to stay in bed for a little longer since the day before was my turning point in life , the day I …

I was turning 6 that day. The virus outbreak was still going on so we were stuck at home as if we were prisoners . My mom was cooking my favourite dish with my older sisters. We were a large family that suffered from poverty in our whole lives. I put on my jumpsuit which I admired a lot and went right out to the garden where we had a huge area where we planted a variety of fruit. There was mud everywhere due to the heavy storm last night. I stayed there for a while trying to fix the plants and realized that I was soaked in water . I was about to head inside when my mom screamed . I ran upstairs and saw my sister laying down on the floor , she had lost her consciences. I don’t really remember the things that happened between then and arrival to the hospital. They took my sister into a room where they spend the next four hours in quarantine. Unfortunately my sister did not make it and she passed away after four hours of intervention. I had cried four hours screaming them to do something. I thought that it was just because we were pour.

Till then I worked only for one thing , the cure of that virus. I did not care if I was the first and was intelligent or hardworking I only had one aim. I worked day and night , away from home and my loved ones. It hit me hard when I realized I have been not getting enough sleep and that I looked pale. I never knew I was sacrificing my life to do something that won’t change a thing in the present. I realized that it was just me being furious about not being able to help her then . I thought that it was because we were pour and that we couldn’t afford it.I stepped out of my laboratory and promised myself not to ever come back and start a new life starting from the start.

I applied to a job out of town where I could teach small children and help them form their life and actually doing useful things for the whole community.

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