The Day I Became All Alone

     It was a normal, nice day. Weather was clear, everything was okay. Unlike my family, they were a bit weird. Their vibe is so different from other days. They were happy, smiling most of the time and chatty with eachother.  I felt something is wrong right after when i opened my eyes that day.

     I woke up, saw my family, washed my face, brushed my teeth then went downstairs for breakfast.  My mother and father was already doing their breakfast, they didn’t wait for me to start eating, also my sister. I already told them good morning  when i first woke up but wanted to say it again. They didn’t replied. They didn’t even look at my face. They kept eating their breakfast, which is meat. I asked my parents why they have been eating meat for breakfast and told them that was weird, no replies again. I recognized that my sister wasn’t at home. Maybe she gone for a walk or something ,I assumed.

     I wanted to try the meat that my parents been eating. It was so bloody, it looks like they were eating it raw. I felt sick, it smelled so bad. I did cooked eggs for myself and went upstairs to eat. My room was next to my sisters room so I wanted to check her if she was at home. I tried opening the door but it was locked, no sound were coming from inside. I wanted to ask my parents about this issue but they weren’t talking to me so i gave up. I was feeling so anxious and i didn’t know why, my day was going so strange.

     Once I finished my breakfast, the doorbell rang. I wanted to check who that is so i went downstairs again. I opened the door and there were 3 guard-looking man and 2 doctor-looking woman. They were looking like they came from mental hospital. I asked them why they’re here and they asked where my parents are. I told them they are right behind me having breakfast. The 3 guard-looking man just dived in and catched my parents. I was in shock. The doctors told me that my parents attacked the next door neighbor, like tried eating them. I suddenly went upstairs and found my sister’s door lock. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door…

     It was my sister on the ground that lacking some parts of the body. Then I realized the truth. They ate my sister! My parents weren’t like this 2 days ago, I wondered what happened to them but I couldn’t find anything. I lost my family, now I was all alone.

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