The Day That I Want

First , the human that I want to live his life with is Robbie Maddison . He is a stuntman , athlete and record breaker .I think he is a real legend .If I could be Robbie Maddison‘s life for a day I would do too much thing.



First I would take a shower because being clean is important . Then I would have a really nice breakfast . Then I would go outside and I would develop myself in stunting in motocross. It would be really good . And I should break some new records . Then I would jump into my buggy and I would hang around . I would visit Mcdonalds and I would buy some food. Then I would visit a surf shop and I would buy a brand new Surfboard. Then I would find a distinctive beach that nobody knows and I would have some fun in there with my surf board . When my job finished in the beach I would go back to my house and I would have a rest and I would continue to have fun . After resting I would take my girlfriend to a romantic dinner . Because it would be fun and gentle . After the dinner I would go back to my house and I would lay down and I would get my laptop and I would donate some money for children that can not get education. Then I would sleep peacefully.





If I could be Robbie Maddison ‘s life for a day I would do this things . Thank you for your reading .





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