The Defining Dilemma

 Success is usually directly proportional to intelligence. Those who have a high level of intelligence can rise somewhere with this intelligence without working.Without a certain capacity, it is very difficult to get benefits no matter how hard it is worked, because the capacity cannot be opened. Every person should know his capacity, but he should also make sure that they are  forced to go where they can. Intelligence is important. There are many people who  are intelligent and have too little intelligence to use it and come to places by forcing it.

A person is a living being that is encoded in  thinking, reasoning, questioning, and drawing conclusions from them in its own way. Intelligence is a factor that affects everything. As an example where we can prove ourselves by looking at our environment, there are many people whose intelligence is an important and necessary factor. Exceptions can be found that are low in intelligence.I don’t see your word as a factor here as soon as the exceptions break the registration. I think that people can improve their intelligence, but it only takes a lot of effort for this. Intelligence is the biggest factor. But there is an element of balance in this issue in the study working time is 8 hours and whose working time is only 2 hours that cannot exceed people.

A smart person works, always strives to work and creates a lot of opportunities for himself.  They also sees things that are invisible. They always finds different angles by thinking in detail. Smart guys may also not have to work hard. Because with they agile mind, they finds a practice for everything. They advances in their path by developing methods himself. They can carry out ideas from different points of view and look at them from many angles. But a working person thinks only of what exists. A person who uses his intelligence also thinks beyond it. That’s what real success is all about. It is how the difference between them is formed.

It is believed that there is such a formula as “intelligence + experience = intellect”. Meaning: a person becomes smart and successful if he combines his intelligence with experience. An intelligent person can make the wrong decisions if they  lacks experience. They cannot achieve success according to his intelligence.

Some experts, scientists have suggested that even if the level of intelligence or IQ is low, some types of intelligence are different. Although they have a low level of intelligence, they can experience success by working, perhaps spending more days and months on it than others.

“Most people believe in intelligence, I don’t! It is labor that separates us from each other, I believe in work” – (Aziz Sancar)I agree with his words, but first of all we need intelligence. Intelligence includes raising a team of things into an empty land, work.


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