The Delivery

It was just another day after school. I had just gotten home and sat in front of my computer. While waiting for the computer to open I changed my clothes.

I was just about to start up my favourite video game but I heard the phone ring. I got up from my seat and opened the phone. I said “Hello, this is Erhan.”. Nobody answered. There was only the sound of someone breathing deeply. I said “Hello?” again. The breathing sounds cut out after I said that. I waited for about another minute and then just hanged up the phone. I headed towards my room and then the doorbell rang. I was starting to get frustrated because I was already tired. When I opened the door there was a tall man in front of me. I couldn’t see his face because the lights weren’t on in the building. “Hello sir how may I help you?” I asked the man. He said “I am here to deliver a package mister Erhan.”. I told him that that was me and I took the package. I was interested in what was in the package so I immediately opened it. But to my surprise the box had a knife inside it. Then I thought to myself that our building had motion sensor lights. I felt a chill up my spine. I turned around to go to my room when I saw something black move very fast with the corner of my eye. I was terrified after that. The black thing was behind the table. I heard some weird noises coming from there. I took a look under the table and then suddenly the sun sets down and it is dark. Everything happened so fast that I was panicking. Could opening that phone cause all of this? Is this really happening right now? I thought to myself “If I had known I will experience all these, I would have never answered that phone call.”. I took a deep breath and tried to focus. I got stuff to defend myself with from the kitchen and slowly approached the table. I could still hear movement from under the table. I shouted a battle cry and rushed towards the table. I moved the chairs and looked at the black thing with rage on my face. But then as soon as I was about to attack it I realised something. That black thing was actually my cat. I stopped for a second to think. When I realised I was just paranoid I bursted laughing. I looked outside to see that it wasn’t dark it was only that clouds had blocked the sun.

I put down the stuff I had picked up, petted my cat and went to my room to play some video games. After sitting down to play games, I couldn’t help myself to think how did that delivery guy manage to not trigger the lights.

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