The Devil In You

“Humanbeing is evil by nature,” I said. I agree with this statement. I believe that there is an evil inside everyone and that is by nature. For example, imagine a child damaging everything, constantly harming ones around him. Of course, the family factor or circle of friends is important in these matters because they can immediately apply what they see, but how will the child feel even if he applies what he sees? The child may see this and practice this behavior, but he actually enjoys the feeling and continues to do so. After all, when this child grows up, he will continue to be bad because he discovered the evil inside him at an early age, and he will add more evil to it. Actually, right? For example, when we discover evil, do we not like to apply it to people?

Let’s say your girlfriend’s friend likes her and you find out. Aren’t you making treacherous plans for the kid in your head with that feeling of jealousy, she? So much so that some people are happy just by thinking. Not just this example, there are many more. We take pleasure in some people’s pain. Do you think this is good behavior? No. Also, another issue that comes to my mind is how do we call what we call good? Maybe what we call good is bad and what we call bad is good. But if we are going to talk about a general judgment, I stand by what I said. I have a word that I always defend, this word; “The environment doesn’t matter if it’s inside the person. If it’s inside the person, it finds a way to do all kinds of things.” The same is true for evil. There is only one difference, not “if” but “there is”. Sometimes when we wrong someone, we blame the wronged person, “He was guilty, so I did.” as . Of course, the other party may be guilty, but the happiness you feel when you do evil does not come from that person. You feel happy because of the bad person inside you. I can give another example, for example people who cheat… Why do you think they are happy when you are with two people? Because the devil inside makes him happy. I think the most important thing is to acknowledge the innate evil within you. And never forget that the devil inside you is always you…

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