Young African American little girl at home with playing video games


We have had computer games in our lives since 2000. People think that computer games make people addicted and antisocial. When we were children, our families said not to look at the phone, not to play the computer, to go out and play traditional games … In the developing world, our center of life is the computer and the technology in this direction, parents should teach your children to use computers.
How can ı describe a video game?
The video game is playing on the computer. There are many options for playing. The first is the individual games. In the individual games there is a story that you have to make and finish the game. You cannot play this game with your friends or other people. The first is to play online with other people. Online games generally don’t have a story. Most online games are played as a team. The enemy side is ours. There are also sports in many online esports games.
Parents think that if their children play video games, their child cannot be intelligent in his life and they also think that children cannot be social because of games. But why? In fact, video games are primarily developing children’s brains like a silver lining. For example, you may be a more sociable person thanks to online games; games you can meet with new friends. He or she can improve their language because in video games you are playing with weird people, so develop your language, you are learning to use computers in this generation. I think it is very important.
Computer games also have negative effects. For example, children can become addicted to games and cannot fulfill their responsibilities. For example, most computer addicted children cannot do their homework. And the other negative effect is that if you play a lot, you can also have negative health effects. For example, your eyes can get dirty, you can get fat or have bone problems later in life.
Advantages of traditional games where you interact with many friends and which you can see in real life. You are doing some sporting activities, you are learning traditional games like hide and seek, bell and quilling.
So, let’s take a look at the effect of computer games and traditional games.




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