Since I was a little kid, I would always dream of having a car. So, after I passed the age limit to get a drivers license, I got straight into the driver’s examination. I had done lots of research before going into the exams, so I did pretty good at the exams. After I passed the examination, I got to drive a car. When I first started using the car, I was pretty anxious but after using it for a while I got used to it. When the results were going to be announced I was pretty scared that I wouldn’t be able to pass it. But when I saw the results, I realized that I had passed the test and I had my own driver’s license. that day must have been the best day of my whole entire life. After a few days I started to look at some cars on the internet. I found a pretty good car that was not the expensive. And it was a convenient car too. After searching on the internet for a week or so I decided to buy that car. The thing was that I had to choose everything from the internet and not face to face. I was kind of nervous that I wouldn’t get the car that I expected when I first bought the car. A few days later the website gave an address for me to pick up the car. The address was close to my house, so I walked there. When I got there, I looked around and saw a man. He came closer to me and told me ‘’Your car is that way.’’ Showing to the left. I walked that way and I saw a car. It was the car that I had bought. I was so happy when I saw the car. I jumped around with happiness. That guy I saw while ago gave me the keys to the car. I carefully got the keys because I was really excited. When got the keys I ran to the can and opened the door. I got in and started the car. My hands were shaking because of excitement. I stepped on the gas and the car started to move. I started driving the car around and it felt amazing to achieve a dream that had been on my mind for years. Since that day I have my own personal car to go everywhere.

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