The Dream Life

If I lived someone’s life for a day, it would be Pierria Henry . He is a Basketball player in Fenerbahçe Beko. He is 29 years old and he is 6’4 (1.93 m). Some of the teams he played before Fenerbahce; Tofaş, Baskonia.
He is exactly the length that I want and he is a guard like me. I like his court vision and his playing style he generally show himself at the defending side of the court and his assists are fascinating he passes passing through the pinhole. The best thing about being Henry is his teammates. Nando and Vesely are getting the all decades first team award and I think they are in the top 10 players list in Euroleague history. Also he has really talented teammates like Guduric, Pierre and Booker. They’re working with all the players on the team to get into the playoff pot.
I am guessing if I had a day like that, it would be like: I would get up at 8.30 and have a breakfast after that I would go to the Ülker Arena and I do some shooting practise afterwards team practise starts and these are finishes at 11.45. After eating with the team, we go to the gym and lastly and we finish the day with evening practice.
I guess my day as a Pierria Henry be like this an I hope I have a life like his.

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