The Dream School

Imagine a school without any exams and marks. It sounds imaginary, right? Actually, there is a school like that called “Ad Astra ”. It is a school that focuses on daily problem-solving. There are no grades, exams or marks. This school is built by Elon Musk in 2014. Do you think there should be more schools just like this one?

Generally, schools teach us about a lot of subjects such as “mathematics, history, science, etc. ” but do we need all these subjects? Think of a child who wants to be a soccer player, does he need any history information to be a soccer player? Schools need to give education commensurate with your abilities. I agree that we need every lesson to be a cultured person but in schools, we learn a lot more than that. For example, if you want to be a doctor you need to be good at maths too. I’m not talking about basic maths, you really need to be good at it but it shouldn’t be like that.

These schools need to be replaced by Elon Musk’s school system. There is a lot of people that have a lot of talents but because of our education system they can’t find a job, they cant show their talents to others just because they couldn’t get a good mark in an exam. Our education system is not fair. You just need to memorize things, your talents are useless in our system.

Elon Musks school focuses on children talents, it teaches children how to solve their daily problems in life, its the most important thing you can learn in a school. These schools need to be expanded, public schools need to use Elon Musk’s education system.  It would be awesome if we had schools where we can improve our talents, right?

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