dark mysterious man hoodie, murderer, hacker, anonymus

The Dream

I was watching the girl in the opposite apartment when all of these happened. The girl turned to the other side and screamed like she saw a ghost. Then a guy rushed towards her with a knife in his hands. Threw her to the ground and started stabbing her.He stabbed her a several times and left. I was terrified and did not know what to do. I called the police while watching the outside door of the apartment. The guy never showed up on the door so i thought he was living in the apartment. The police arrived minutes later. I rushed to the door of my apartment and pointed the crime scene. They went upstairs and searched the house. When they came back outside, they had a angry look on their faces. They said that there was no man nor a woman in the apartment and it was actually empty with no one living there. They cuffed me due to false report and take me to the police station.When they were taking my statement, i said i was so sorry and i sweared that i have seen it. Nothing happened after that, i left the station and headed towards my house.On my way home, all i could think about was the murder. Did the cops miss something or am i actually going crazy? I got to the home thinking about this. When i opened my door, i thought that i could check the apartment myself. I went to the other apartment and tried to open the door.It was not locked so i got in easily. As they said, there were no body or any sign of murder. It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me. I headed towards the door but it was locked. I felt an instant pain in my leg like i had been stabbed. I quickly turned out and saw the guy that murdered the woman. I hit him in the head with a vase i found on the table. He fell to the ground and seemed unconcious.I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm and i was irritated by the dream i saw.  

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