The Effect Of A Good Movie

Human brain is quite available to manipulate. People can easily direct others to do what they want. This feature can be utilized by anyone but especially when you empathize with your manipulator. Even though we do not realize, willingly or not, well-made movies do this. You do not believe? Try to visualize your favourite movie, the movie you thought about the ending for days.

On 3rd of September 1999, well-known movie “Matrix” came out starring Keanu Reeves. Matrix was way ahead of its time. Movie basically was about a computer programmer Thomas Anderson who is also a hacker. Anderson used a nickname called “Neo” and suddenly found himself in a great conspiracy in which he has to rely on what Morpheus says. This world we think we live in is totally deceptive. Because of its unique style and theme, Matrix is still the subject of conspiracy theories.

Even 22 years later, a good movie can affect us. We cannot know if it really was made with this aim or if humans are just too sensitive that we cannot even stop over thinking. Everyone had a deep conversation with their friends at night and that talk probably started with “What if everything was actually same as Matrix?” and ended up with all those question marks.


As we can clearly see, movies are able to manipulate us and make us think about them for years just with a good plot and casting. Sometimes in specific movies, we emphasize with a certain character and we subconsciously start to mirror their habits and behaviours. This can be nice in some points but when you start to form your personality through that character you may turn to a copycat. When we emphasize with antagonist, we might think that we are evil, or a simply bad person. But it is usually because that we share the similar trauma with the villain. No doubt, we clearly do the copycatting with the antagonist. We try to turn ourselves to the villain of someone else’s story.

To sum up, it is a fact that we got affected by well-made films. Our characteristic, our personality, our habits, and thoughts.I do not  think it is a complete bad or good thing. The way that films affect us is all grey. You can take good sides of it such as a good charcters behavious or an idea. It is all up to us.

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