The human population increases on the Earth every year and it’s population is almost 8 billion. But, there is a problem. In the world, the resources aren’t infinite, they can ran out. When a new person comes to this world, we use the resources in a much faster way and this is a bad situation. If we take a look at the countries with the most population like China, India, U.S.A or Pakistan, we can see that in their country, some of the population gets effected by the lack of resources so the rate of welfare can decrease. Of course there can be some exceptions like in the U.S.A because of their economy and geography but in the countries like India or Pakistan, most of the people lose their lives because of the lack of resources and they can’t do anything about that because there are over 1.3 billion people living in India for an example. That is insanely much and for that kind of things, China, the country that has over 1.4 billion population, even had a law about having only one kid for several years. Some people say that the overpopulation is a bad thing for all the consumption that is made but some other people also agree that the overpopulation will have more people to work so the economy will rise well. Some African countries tries that to increase the rate of welfare in their country because their countries aren’t as developed as the European countries for an example. In conclusion, overpopulation makes people use their resources fastly and we should always remember that we don’t have infinite resources. So, the rate of welfare can decrease because of that and if a country’s welfare is low, their economy could be bad, their society’s lives and their security could be in danger and they wouldn’t be able to find job opportunities that easily. I don’t think that any person would want that to happen so overpopulation can be pretty dangerous if it’s not controlled or ignored.

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