The Electronic Competition

Ever since the dawn of mankind there always has been competition and recently these competitions have been shifting from physical to digital ones. I think everyone acknowledges the Olympics as one of the greatest competitions because of the sport’s competitive nature but this focus has been shifting towards electronic sports (esports) much more in recent years. 









Esports has been a thing since 1972 but the time they started to develop was in the 1990s with the help of big releases like Street Fighters 2 and Quake. These tournaments started to attract, and they began having audiences who were thrilled to watch professional players compete with each other. A subscription to Rolling Stone magazine was the first prize that was ever given to the winner of an esports tournament but these prize pools quickly escalated from a subscription that would have cost $100 to $21,770,000 in half of a century. 

These competitions tend to have very strict rules due to the fact that it is very easy to cheat when compared to the other sports so to prevent this, the tournaments were held in big stadiums where every player has the same setup. If they are still able to cheat then, it’s almost impossible that it wouldn’t get noticed by the thousands of people watching it.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a significant decrease in the tournaments that are happening but this obstacle was overcome very easily. Since most of the professional players have a setup that they can use to participate in the tournament so they stayed home. They competed and still compete to be victorious while they are safe in their houses.

Here is the announcement I would write if I would ever get the opportunity to organize such a breathtaking and thrilling event:

First of all we are very sorry to announce our tournament can’t be held with a live audience so if you want to watch the tournament you could use the following sites: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming. You would also be able to watch the replays on these platforms. Our tournament will be splitted into each game’s own tournament. We will host these tournaments for many games featuring the best players and teams. You can also participate in the casual tournaments where you will face against other players in order to get a chance to meet with the other tournament winners. There also will be prizes for the winners of these casual tournaments. This year our prize pool got much larger thanks to our generous sponsors. For this year only we have special interviews with the top players about their careers and personal lives. Our tournaments will start at 1 EET (Eastern European Time) and finish at 8 EET but we will continue broadcasting the best moments of the day till 10 EET. The tournament will take place from the 25th of January to the 8th of February. For more information about the schedules you can visit our website. We will be very happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Our tournament will be completely free to watch and if you want to support your favorite team or player you can go to our store to buy their products. Thanks for all of your support throughout the year, it’s because of this support we are able to organize this event. Thank you once again.


Esports has grown to a point where you don’t need to like that video game to enjoy it or you don’t even need to like video games at all but you can still get excited when you watch your favorite team win a match within the last second or you can feel down when they lose the tournament even though they were so close. In the end esports has grown so much within the last decade and it gained a stable audience that continues to support their favorite team, player or game till the very end. 

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