The Endless Pit

Internet is an unlimited platform that consists of a variety of information and has accessibility by everyone in the world. As a result of that, using the internet has advantages and disadvantages in terms of privacy. There are two main types of internet users: ones that access the internet and give their own personal information, and ones who don’t give out any personal data aka anonymous users.

Even though the internet provides options for keeping personal information private, it is not verifiable. That being the case, some users prefer not to give any personal data in order to feel safe. However, because they feel safer, anonymous users can cause problems for others without consequences.

Since the internet is an endless pit, everyone can express their thoughts to the whole world about every kind of topic, which is called freedom of speech. For interactive communication, freedom of speech is of capital importance, but for non-interactive communication, freedom of speech has the potential to cause problems.

People sometimes share their thoughts in inconvenient ways such as writing inappropriate words, assaulting other’s personal ideas, or using people’s personal data without permission. The problem cannot be dealt with if the user is anonymous. It’s debatable whether or not freedom of speech should be limited on the internet because using someone’s personal information without permission or starting arguments can cause serious problems on certain platforms.

Everyone has different thoughts about this situation, but the most effective solution would be to limit people’s freedom of speech online so as to avoid various problems.

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