The Explosion

Narrator: The year 1505, Leonardo Da Vinci was doing an examination. In this examination he predicted that there would be a huge explosion within a thousand years…

Year 2021.

Our main character was home from an exhausting day at work, and he was watching a Star Wars movie while eating snacks. Until he fell asleep.

While that was happening There were some unusual movements in the sky that took the scientist’s interest. The scientists directly left whatever they were doing and gave their entire attention into this abnormal event. Even after some hours they could not understand what was going on, but everybody had some guesses in their minds.

Subsequently the scientist’s decided to inform the government about this event that was going on. The government determined to keep this as a secret from the public until the event was confirmed to be unharmful.

The next day our main character got ready to go to work just like a usual day. Firstly, he went to a coffee shop nearby and grabbed a drink. Then he just passed some streets and arrived at the company at which he was working. He approached his desk and settled down.

At the afternoon he went to a coffee that was a little far from the company. Once he was there, he met with a woman that looked his age, tall, long dark hair that was made a ponytail, stylish glasses that looked like was made by a designer, a black jacket and a long dark colored dress. She greeted him and they both sat down and just talked for a bit. After an hour they both got up and went to their jobs just like normal.

Then the day went on and he continued his day. But at the night-time the sky was finally like a time fuse that could explode anytime. The scientists were still struggling by the sudden action. Until a huge sound filled everyone’s ears. The ones sleeping got up from horror, the ones awake was shocked by the immediate sound. Scientists finally knew what was going on. It was ‘’The Explosion’’ that Leonardo Da Vinci had predicted decades ago. Everyone knew this prediction, but no one knew this could be true. Scientists didn’t knew what to do. There was terror in the world.

Our main character was working while the explosion happened.  Just like everyone else, he was in horror too. But after a while the government explained that this sound was ‘’nothing’’. And that there was nothing to worry about. This statement had lowered the amount of terror there was. But still there were people who was trying to find the answer themselves.

After some usual days there were some abnormal people who were able to do things that are impossible to do as a normal person. For example, there were people who were teleporting from place to place or there were people flying around.

Some people thought this was a miracle while some thought this was a curse. But scientist disproved them with stating that this was the cause of a radiation that was coming from the sky. And that the radiation was chancing the cells of humans and making them unnatural. Adding them abilities and as they think it was going to apply to everyone in the world because that it has changed DNA’s.

Our main character was scared to get an ability because it was anomalous. What if he got an ability that could ruin his whole life like killing people you touch or turning them into gold? He was thinking.

He was still trying to continue his last days as a normal person normally, but it seemed impossible because there were people everywhere trying their powers and making fun of the ones that hadn’t got their powers yet. So, it was hard for him to do that.

He still went to the cafe that he always went to meet the girl. They both had tried to avoid the power events happening recently but it was impossible with people with powers around them. Therefore the topic was on the agenda. They talked about everyone else’s powers firstly then it came to them. It turned out that they both hadn’t got their powers yet. Which made our main character happy a bit that he was not alone and that someone he knew closely was like him.

After a week he still hadn’t got his powers which was making him anxious and happy at the same time. He was happy because he was normal and didn’t had to worry about the things he was doing because he didn’t had powers at all. But anxious at the same time because the powerless ones were being excluded. And some was even fired from their jobs because the ones with the powers were much useful than the ones that didn’t had any abilities.

The next day when he went to his work it was going normal. Until his boss called him and asked whatever he got his powers or not. When our main character said that ‘’No, not yet. But I’m sure I will get them soon.’’. They knew themselves for years and worked together for years they were really close friends. So the boss accepted to keep him for a little more time but if he didn’t got his powers in a month he was going to get fired because the ones with powers were more useful. The boss told that he was sorry to do this but it was for the good of the company. At the lunch time he went to meet the girl. When they met the girl confessed that she got her power the night before. It was telekinesis. She was happy about it because it wasn’t so bad. Our main character was sad that he was left alone.

It was coming to the end of the month, and he still hadn’t gotten his power yet so he was so stressed about it. Even though he decided to stay positive and that he was going to get his power eventually, hopefully. But when he saw a few people getting eliminated for not getting their powers for a month he was devastated.

One last day before it reaches the end of the month. He couldn’t stay positive anymore. He was thinking about the worst scenario now. And it was that he was going to get fired, the girl was going to think that he was a freak, he was going to be broke because he was fired, he was going to get into depression ext.

The next day he woke up, got ready and left for his work knowing he was going to get fired. Once he was at his work he directly went to his boss to get fired or resign himself. He went to his boss’s office and when he saw his boss the boss was so happy to see hem for a reason. He didn’t get why he was this happy and why his boss wasn’t firing him. While these questions were running through his head the boss congratulated him for getting his powers. But he haven’t got his powers yet, as he thought. He ran to the nearest restroom. When he looked into the mirror, he saw a pair of wings swinging there.

He was shocked. His colleagues celebrated him for getting his powers just in time.

He went to the cafe at that days lunch to meet the girl. Once he was there he saw her sitting there and waiting for him. It was visible that she was stressed about him. Once she saw him they both rushed to each other and hugged.

Then the screen went black.

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