It was a rainy Tuesday when I learned the death of my mother. It was just like one of those sad rainy funeral scenes in the movies. I was terrified and I didn’t know what to do. I was in college in another country so I basically couldn’t even say a single goodbye to my mother. All I had left was my goals and the need to make my mother proud. After I graduated from college, I had some savings from my part-time job, and I could rent a house. After lots of hard work and lots of blurry all-night studies, I could achieve my dream. I remember getting in the lectern with the crowd clapping for me. Just when I was going to start my speech, I saw her. I saw my mother standing there and looking at me all proud. I had the feeling that I haven’t felt for years. The feeling I felt when I learned that my mother died. The same feeling of not knowing what to do. I tried to continue like nothing happened, but I realized that I couldn’t even stop looking at my mother. I thought it was a humiliation or something, but it was too real. After the failed speech, I decided to search about my mother and her death. But later, I found out that she never died. She just faked her death and I had to face all the loneliness. I was traumatized. Anyways I found her and talked with her. But she didn’t tell me a word and told me to continue like she wasn’t alive. I had more and more questions in my head, but I decided to don what she said and continue my life.

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