The Family Trouble

I could be the happiest human being you have ever seen, because I was offered to be the new assistant of our Professor. It is extremely hard to make her choose someone, but I love difficult tasks that make me see my limits. It is a challenge, so from now on I am the smartest person in the lecture. While I was in these thoughts, my roommate told me that my phone was ringing. Who can even call me in this weird hour, at 7 PM? After I got to the living room from the kitchen, I checked who called me. . And, yes! An unknown number interrupted my dinner, how nice! I picked up the phone and the sound I heard made me feel like I was in my own funeral. It was my brother, Luke.

“Hello, Nicolette. It is me; Luke Andrews.” He said in a worried voice. “Hello, Luke. It is me, Nicolette. Have something happened? Because we haven’t been in contact for a long time.” I and my brother  broke our ties when he got involved in some dirty business. The last time we talked, was the time I helped him to get away from murder when I was fifteen and he was nineteen. And now, five years later; he was calling me in a worried way. “What happened?” I asked. “I am kind of in trouble. And this time mom and dad are too.” He responded. I was definitely having deja vu. My breathinggot harder and I couldn’t say anything to him for a minute. Just before saying something, I hang up the phone. I ran out and screamed: I can take it anymore! People don’t have a right to do this to each other!

When I came home, I was a bit more relaxed. The first I did was texting Luke.

Nicolette: what happened to mom and dad? Are they okay?

Luke: they are okay. But it may be just for now. And do not call me for a while. They might trace our calls. So texting is the best. You have always been the smart oneJ

Nicolette: what on earth are you mumbling? I am asking what happened, not how selfish you are. You put my whole family at risk.

Luke: okay, so I am telling you what happened. There is this guy that was in our crew a few months ago. Normally we don’t accept anyone to become one of us but this was an exception, he looked so desperate. So after a while he was one of us WE THOUGHT! But apparently he had been working with our rivals from the begging and now they learned my real name, address and family so the situation is not good. We are anticipating an attack.

He has experience and still he is making  mistakes that could affect mom and dad’s life. Such an irresponsible family member, I thought.

Nicolette: okay, I am booking a flight to Oklahoma for tomorrow night.


The next day

Finally after a long flight, I was in Oklahoma.  I was at home after 5 years. Such a long time.

After I reunited with my family I went to the market on foot in order to provide the stuff I thought my mom and dad might need. While ı was walking home, some people from the dark appeared next to me, trying to grab me up.  And just before attacking them back, I heard one of them said “have we got the right girl? Are you sure that this is Luke’s sister?” I fought back to them with my advanced fighting skills that I learnt from my brother earlier. After I defeated them, they started to run. While running, the face mask of one of them fell and I saw one of the man’s face. A pair of ocean blue eyes were looking at me. This was so much for me. I decided to go back to Massachusetts tomorrow. After I got over the shock, I started to run home. Then I told my parents everything. Next day I was on a flight back home. Finally I felt in peace when I walked home. I was just falling asleep when I heard the doorbell. It was probably Emily forgot something. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door. That pair of ocean blue eyes, again…


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