The Fire

He saw it. The flames rising up. Bright and orange. His blood ran cold as he watched his house burn, with tears in his eyes. He knew he needed to run away in order to be safe; he knew that it was too late to try and save his family but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. As he stood there completely frozen he saw someone. His blood ran cold. He couldn’t point out exactly who they were from his blurry vision. But he was sure that he saw a black mercedes. He tried to see the licence plate. When he got a quick glimpse of the licence plate he ran into the woods to his tree house ,where he slept that night, to note it down. 


He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know where to go. He had been staying in the tree house for 3 days in hopes that maybe he could take some time to compose himself before being surrounded by police officers and being accused of setting the mansion on fire. He knew it was inevitable, but he hasn’t been able to gather his thoughts in his head after what he saw that night. Nobody saw him after the fire. People knew he survived. But they couldn’t find him. 


He was starving by the end of day four. He knew everyone was looking for him, and he also knew he was the number one suspect. But if he stayed there any longer he would die of starvation. So he decided to go down and maybe try and find someone to help him? He wasn’t really sure what he was going to do, the only thing he knew was that he needed food and he needed it now. 


When he got out of the woods and the mansion came into sight he couldn’t help but burst into tears crying uncontrollably. The realization hitting him like a ton of bricks that all the members of his family were now dead making him cry even harder. From his blurry vision he saw 5 policemen approach him with sad looks on their faces. He was on the ground with hot tears sliding down his cheeks as one officer kneeled down to talk to him.


“Hey” he said, unsure of what he can do to calm a boy who was 17 years old and lost all his family members a few days ago. The boy could form words but continued sobbing.


Once he calmed down a little the officers started to question him. They asked him questions about where he was or what he was doing and so on. Once they were done the boy looked up at the officers with the tiniest sparkle of hope in them. He didn’t say anything but it was obvious what he was asking. The officer sighed loudly with a sad look in his eyes and said 

“Are you sure you’re ready to hear it?” The tiny sparkle of hope vanished as soon as he heard the question but nodded eagerly. He wanted to hear it in order to get the thought that maybe one of his family members has survived, out of his head. 


“They sadly didn’t make it.” With the words that came out of the officers mouth the boy suddenly felt another set of hot tears sliding down his cheeks. The sadness he felt also came with a  burning desire to take revenge. He didn’t want to just report him and let him get away with a few years in prison. No, he had other plans.


The investigation continued for several more days. When it came to an end the information that they had was  that  the fire initially started at his little brother’s room. And nothing more because it was all burned to the ground. Some of his relatives came to visit him and offered him shelter so that he didn’t need to stay in the small tree house but he kindly refused choosing to stay there because he didn’t want anyone’s pity. He was just fine in the tree house. Besides he wanted to plan how he was going to take revenge. He didn’t even know who did it for what reason. But he knew that he wanted them to feel as desperate and sad as he did. He wanted them to suffer like he was going to for the rest of their lives. His thoughts made his eyes water, the fact that he didn’t even get to say goodbye to his sisters, that he was never going to have his mother comfort him when he is going through something, that his dad is never going to finish teaching him how to drive. He cried himself to sleep that night unsure of what to do. 


After a few days was the funeral. He couldn’t go any further about his plan. He felt foolish to even think for a second that he would actually be able to find the person who started the fire and take revenge at the same time when even police officers couldn’t. He knew he should have given them the licence plate, but his pride got in the way. He didn’t know if it was too late or not.


The day of the funeral all of his relatives were there. He cried the whole time. His relatives tried their best to keep him company and keep him distracted. It really didn’t make it better though.


Right as everyone was leaving he saw it… The car. It was right in front of him. He saw someone get in but couldn’t identify who it was so before wasting another second he grabbed the keys to his car, that he couldn’t drive properly, and hit the gas pedal.


He followed the car for about 40 minutes until it finally stopped in front of a giant villa. The guy got out and went inside. The boy didn’t know what to do. Was he just going to confront him? He knew better than that. Also how was he exactly going to overpower someone who caused the death of his family. So he watched and investigated. 


After an hour of nothing happening he fell asleep in the car. 


When he woke up it was the early hours of the morning. He didn’t know exactly what time it was but it seemed as if everyone in the house was asleep. If he was planning on doing anything “this was the time” he thought to himself. But he was unsure. Just because this was done to him didn’t make it any better for him to do it to someone else. He sat down for a second and took a deep breath hoping the universe sent him a sign.  


Just as he was unbuckling his seatbelt he heard police sirens. He quickly got back in and started the car. He parked somewhere close to the house but made sure that it wasn’t visible. Just as he threw a glance at the house he saw officers banging on the door yelling.


“Open the door it’s the police”


He couldn’t see everything clearly but the last thing he saw was that the man was in handcuffs.

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