An illustration of Eve offering an apple to Adam

The Forbidden Fruit

What would have happened if no one had ever eaten the forbidden fruit from heaven? Let me readjust the question: What would have happened if I was the one who ate the forbidden fruit? Being expelled from paradise has always seen like it was detention but what if it was the actual prize? All of our knowledge about religions are from books that were “sent” to us but what if all of it was a fairy tale? What if it was all made up so there could be order among all human kinds? But instead, now there are wars because of religions and races so even if religions weren’t made up they don’t work. That’s exactly why I would like to be one who was sent to earth. To establish a system that could work.

We are all aware of the fact that the system we have right now doesn’t work. So if I had the chance to use a time machine and go back to a certain time, I would go to the exact time when Eve was holding the forbidden fruit to eat it so that I could eat it before her. It’s written in the Bible that Adam named all the animals. If I was the one who was sent to earth I would know that naming animals wasn’t my priority but correcting everything in life that is wrong is. I would know for a fact that people need to be educated so there won’t be any more people who rape or kill someone because of their skin tone or assaults women because they assumed something about them.

In conclusion, there are so many wrong things about the world we live in and its system and still, we are not doing anything to fix it. We shouldn’t be waiting for a time machine to try and fix things. After all, maybe the time machine is already invented but the government is keeping it a secret which proves my point about how wrong our system is. It’s you to decide to take any action or not about this.


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