The Future and Us

We’re currently at the 22nd century, our world is developing and life is getting easier day by day, however also with these improvements some negative impacts come up.

Our world is slowly entering in a phase that we consume ourselves, it’s always seen to be inevitable since the 1800’s. Until this time the resources in our world has been enough for us to stay alive and healthy however as the population drastically increases our natural resources are getting depleted, as we consider this to keep ourselves and our society away from chaos and anarchy and to preserve the current system our world is operating on, as its said “Difficult times require difficult decisions” as resources are not enough limitations and chaos would be inevitable to see and supressing this kind of emotions and actions always comes with blood and tear, our world has served the benefits of dictators as we solve these issues in the small hand while creating

a bigger issue for the future, not keeping any of these sustainable, and with this comes authoritarian regimes, as seems as always been an issue in our world for the last three centuries, with the natural resources depleting, some actions must be taken quick, some nations will rush for natural resources and fight over it, it will inevitably become the theorem that “War is Peace” as portrayed as a consensus reality will exist, which are the ultimate goals of any dictatorship of our future. As any hard times require the people will rally and wait for a leader to save them from “Noah’s Flood” as any human in that situation will do will hide to the closest leader alike the German’s did for Hitler. With an endless loop of these events our world will consume itself until the inevitable happens.

So will our world really become just like a book of Orwell’s?

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