The Future of Space Mining

With all the work to be done in the world, mankind wants to take this business opportunity to an even higher level. That is why mankind is looking for new business opportunities to earn more money and further increase its wealth. One of these jobs is space mining. It sounded strange to me when I first heard it.

There are more than 1 million planets in the solar system. That’s why it’s not so difficult to find a planet and start working in space mining, except for new equipment and new tools. In order to conduct mining on Earth, it is necessary to comply with many strict and well-established laws. That is why mining on Earth is more difficult from a legal point of view. Today, lighter laws are being created for space mining than the would laws. It is believed that the cost of transporting the mines from space and bringing them to the world again is really expensive. That is why some companies had to withdraw from the space mining race. For example, a company send a spacecraft to pick up a 500-ton meteorite from space. They need to bring the mines to the Earth. The time we are talking about is like a period of 6 to 10 years. This is a very important element that also increases the cost. It has been calculated that the cost of obtaining a mine from a single asteroid could be $ 2.6 billion. It is estimated that the yield of mines such as iron, nickel, titanium, gold, manganese, palladium, and tungsten, which can be extracted from celestial stones that have precious metals, may reach trillions of dollars in the near future. As a result, the profit ratio of companies increases at a high rate. Companies with a high-profit ratio aim for continuity in this business. I don’t think distance will be a very, very important factor for companies. In the near future, it is predicted that this sector may reach trillions of dollars. Companies produce various projects in order to reduce the cost of space mining. Examples of these projects are; bringing over several tons of mines by sending robots to asteroids, developing a different system that will bring small-sized asteroids to Earth, or processing the mine in spacecraft with spaceships.


I think this is a work of science fiction. The reason why it is science fiction is because the space mining business will take place over a very long period of time, and when it will take place, it will require a lot of money, and the company’s profit rate will occur over a long period of time, we cannot say that companies look at this business too warmly.

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