Me: Hello, my name is Elif and I want to work with you.

Principal: Okay, did you send your CV?

Me: Yesterday I sent it.

Principal: I was so busy yesterday, so I think I couldn’t look at your CV. So if you give me a little time I can look. Is it okay for you?

Me: Of course, yes.

Principal: Thank you.

Me: And, is there any place I can wait like a cafe?

Principal: Yes, on the second floor. I’m sending the place of the cafe to your brain so you could teleport there.

Me: Thank you.


Me: Hello, can I get some Turkish Coffee?

Robot in Café: Of course, yes. Your coffee will be ready in two seconds. Wait, I’m coding you to my brain because I will teleport your coffee.

Me: Okay, I’m waiting for you.

Robot in Café: Finished! I coded you, you can go.

Me: Okay.

*2 seconds later*

Robot’s Voice: Hello, I’m the robot.

Me: Hello.

Robot’s Voice: I teleported your coffee.

Me: Thank you.

*When I finish my coffee*

Principal’s Voice: You can come Elif. I looked at your CV.

Me: Okay, I’m teleporting to your room.

Principal’s Voice: Okay, I’m waiting for you.

Me: I’m coming.

*When I went to the principal’s room.*

Me: Hello, what do you think about my CV?

Principal: I looked at your CV and it’s really good!

Me: So?

Principal: You can work with us.

Me: Thank you so much!

And now I’m the CEO of this company.



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