The Game We All Have To Play

J.J. Rousseau stated that humanity was born just to think, love and believe, which is ridiculously accurate. If the statement mentioned is accurate, which part of it causes me to grin like a Ceshire cat? It is obviously the controversies the idea holds within.

Before analysing the opposite sides in the idea, we need to know the meaning of each word. What exactly is thinking? In dictionary, it is mentioned as the process of considering or reasoning about ideas or situations. On the other hand, we know that there is more related to thinking, such as being able to create, even rotating an object in your mind requires thinking. Our key word for this definition is to question using the data and evidences.

There is no common definition of love, since it depends on the person that you are asking to, hence I came up with my own. We, genus Homo, have a quite short history compared to other creatures that we can observe now, even though we are the rulers of our world. Despite not being the oldest, why are we capable of doing the things that we can, while the oldest species cannot? Simply it is because we evolved this way. The root of our evolutionary difference started with communication. Our brains started to develop for survival, but then continued to develop with communication. To summarize, we needed a population in order to have developed brain functions. A person needs others to be a human. This is where the love plays its role to hold the population together, so that we can survive as humanity. Love is a genetic, sticky glue to help people be blindfolded about one’s mistakes, it is required in order to live together and increase our chances of survival.

Believing is mentioned as accepting that something is true, especially without proof in the dictionary. Believing in someone, believing in something, even believing in God… To believe, you do not need any scientific data, or any kind of questioning.

After mentioning the definitions, controversy can even be seen by the blind eye. Thinking is questioning with evidences, believing is accepting without proof. Love prevents thinking, so that we cannot realize others’ faults. The three reasons that kept humanity developing are totally opposite: believing in a bright future, thinking about our choices, and the love that we have for each other. They are all nothing but a game that our brains play to get that high-score in the Rank of Evolution Board.

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