The Game

I was returning to my own house from the house I had gone for cleaning. I was feeling really tired. I hoped to arrive home soon.

When I woke up, I rummaged through my pockets to get myself something to eat for breakfast and found a paper with an address on it. It was my friend’s new address. I started getting ready to go to his house. On the way, I bought us something to eat. He greeted me with a smile. Obviously, he was busy. He said that he was working on a new game. I found an old looking game while rummaging through the cabinets at home.When I asked my friend he said he didn’t know what it was. I borrowed it to play at home. Although I was planning to go home, I couldn’t satisfy my coffee cravings and went to a cafe and inserted the tape into my computer to play the game I borrowed from my friend. The name of the game was “Don’t you wanna play a game with me?” It was a little strange and creepy. However, this increased my desire to play. I started the game. “Coffee or tea?” was written on the screen. I quickly wrote coffee. All of a sudden, the waitress started pouring coffee into the mug next to me. This time, “Stop or not?” wrote on the screen. I wrote “Stop” on the screen so that the coffee wouldn’t overflow. Everything was getting more and more interesting. Suddenly, the waitress started breaking the glasses on the shelf. “Should she clean it or not?” text appeared on the screen. I wrote that she should clean it up to put an end to this mess, but I had no idea how the waiter was going to clean it up. The woman began to pop the pieces of glass into her mouth one by one. I went up to her to stop her, begged her to stop but she wouldn’t. “Episode 1 is over. Be here at the same time for more brutality.” text is displayed on the screen. I was at home when I woke up. When my mother saw that I was awake, she told me that a woman in a nearby cafe had committed suicide by eating glass. I didn’t know what to do. I immediately went to my friend’s house. I tried to tell him what happened. Maybe he would believe me.


I offered to play “Episode 2” with him. He agreed and we waited until the right hour. When the time came, two doors appeared in front of us this time. One of them was locked so we headed for the other and my brother, who had died a few years ago, stabbed my friend. He tried to attack me. When I pushed him he fell to the ground. This time, “Friend or brother? PLAY WITH ME.” was written on the screen. I started to cry. My brother was already dead. I had no chance to go back. I typed “friend” on the screen slowly. “Episode 2 is completed. Be here at the same time tomorrow for more betrayal.” text appeared.


I was feeling awful. Also, my friend tried to beat me up as soon as I got up. “That’s the rules of the game. When someone suffers, the one who rules them gets exalted,” he told me when I stopped breathing. My best friend, the producer of this game, took my life because of a game.



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