The Ghost of The Exorcists

My name is Slim and I am a sixteen-year-old student in a cursed school. The reason why I call my school cursed is because it is literally cursed and I am an exorcist candidate. In our school, there are souls that have escaped from the hell. It is really vital that we should not let them be free and ramble around the world. That is why us exorcist candidates are in this school and taking lessons to fight souls back to hell.

One day, when I was in a mission I have sensed something odd. It was a gate through the hell that only Satan, the king of hell, could open. I was frighetened when I first sensed the presence of the gate and the first thing I have done was running to my teacher named “Grandmaster” who is the world’s currently strongest exorcist, and told him the situation. He told me that he was aware of the situation and this was a part of the mission. But I was not relieved and did not let my guard down. Later on, things did not go well and Satan came out of the gate and he teleported all of my classmates to the hell and disappeared. With that shock, I flew to  my school and the thing I saw there was also disappointing. The school building was collapsed and no one was around. Just the souls who were multiplied in number. I wondered why there were too many souls. As I was just going away from there, a hand touched my shoulder and told me to go through the portal to hell. This was an imaginary hand of the Grandmaster.

When I entered hell, I saw people and souls fighting and I was confused. I broke through the fronts and spotted Satan and Grandmaster fighting. They were so fast that my eyes could not keep up. Just that moment, a soul passed through my body. I felt like all my power was gone and passed out. As soon as I woke up, I felt so strong that I could even beat the mighty Satan, my eyes could keep up with the fight of Satan and Grandmaster. I looked for a gap where Satan was vulnerable and as I saw one, I attacked him and he flew a few hundred meters just from my punch. The Grandmaster who could barely keep up with Satan was very surprised. Meanwhile the Satan was extremely angry that his skin started to blaze and he attacked me but I stopped the attack with just one of my hands. The attack was so powerful that the area behind me turned to dust. He was pissed of but I landed the last attack that would send him to the Tartaros, which is the bottom of hell that even the king of hell was scared to go. After the victory, the Grandmaster told me the reason they disappeared and the plan to take down Satan. It was all planned to defeat Satan who could open gates to the world and prevent souls entering.

We travelled back to the school and rebuilt the place. I was assigned as the Grandmaster after defeating Satan, and named as “The Ghost of the Exorcists”. The reason why I was named as this was because of the power that the soul gave me when it passed through me. It turned out that the soul was the greatest exorcist of all time, Arthur. When he passed his power to me, that power combined with my potential and formed a megapower. My statues were built all over the world as the greatest exorcist of all time after surpassing Arthur.

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